General Knowledge and General Awareness

General Knowledge:-

”The Tallest Mountains in every continent”

1) Asia:- Mount everest, Nepal and China 8,845 m(29,028ft.)
2) South America:- Aconcagua, Argentina 6,960 m (22,834 ft.)
3)North America:- Mount Mckinley, USA 6,194 M (20,320 ft.)
4) Africa:- Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, 5,895 m (19,340 ft.)
5)Europe :- Mount El’brus,Russia 5,642 m (18,510 ft.)
6)Antaretica:- Vinson Massif 4,897 m (16,066 ft.)
7)Australasia:-Puncak jaya, New Guinea 5,040 m (16,535 ft.)

”Top 10 Coldest Place in the world”

01 :- Vostok,
Antarctica : -89 degree C (-129 degree F)
02):- Plateace,
Antarctica: -84 degree C (-119 degree F)
03):- Oymyakon,
Russia: -71 degree C (-96 degree F)
04):- Verkhoyank,
Russia : -68 degree C (-90 degree F)
05):- Northice,
Greenland: -66 degree C (-87 degree F)
06):- Eismitle,
Greenland: -65degree C (-85 degree F)
07):- Snag,yukon,
Canada: -63 degree C (-81 degree F)
08):- Prospect Creek,
Alaska, united states: -62 degree c (-80 degree F)
09):- Fort Selkirk,
yukon, Canada: -59 degree C (-74 degree F)
10):- Rogers pass,
Montara, united states: – 57degree C (-70degree F)

General Knowledge

” Top 10 Languages in the World”

1) Chinese Mandarin:- 1,120 million speakers, mostly in china, malaysia, Taiwan, and singapore.
2) English:- 510 million speakers, mostly in USA,UK, Australia, canada, and New Zealand.
3) Hindi:- 490 million speakers, mostly in india.
4) Spanish:- 425 million speakers, mostly in south and central america, USA, and spain.
5) Arabic:- 255 million speakers, mostly in the middle east, arabia and northern africa.
6) Russion:-254 million speakers, mostly in russia and central asia.
7) Portuguese:- 218 million speakers, mostly in Brazil, portugal and southern africa.
8) Bengali:- 215 million speakers, mostly in bangladesh and northern india.
9) Malay/ indonesian:- 175 million speakers, mostly in indonesia, malaysia and singapore.
10)French:- 130 million speakers, mostly in france, canada western and central africa.

”The Five Senses”

1) Vision- Eyes detect light and send signals to the brain which produces moving images of your surroundings.
2) Hearing- Ears detect sounds and send signals to the brain which identifies then as sounds you can hear.
3) Smell:- The nose detects odour molecules in the air and sends signals to the brain so that you can smell them.
4) Taste:- The tongue’s taste buds detect taste molecules in food and send signals to the brain so that you tast what you’re eating.
5) Touch :- Receptors in your skin sense, different types of touch and send signals to your brain so that you feel your surroundings.

”Life on Earth”

*) Earth is the only place in this universe where life is known.
*) It is home to 1.5 million distinct forms of life and more are being discovered all the time.
*) Earth is just for enought away from the sun for liguid water and life to exist. if it were any closer earth would be too hot, any further away, any it would be too clod.
*) More than 70 per cent of earth is covered in water if the planet was perfectly smooth its surface would be coverd with a layer 2.8 km (1.7 miles) deep.
*) Earth has just the right temperature for its water to be liquid. mercury and venus are tool hot, and their water has evaporated.most of mars water is frozen beneath its surface.

General Knowledge

”How much ice is there on Earth”?

* about on tenth of earth’s land surface is covered in ice. buitt up over thousands of years,
Most ice occurs in thick ice sheets that cap the land at the north and south poles.
ice also tops the peaks of high mountains, and rivers of ice called glaciers gouge deep valleys in polar and mountain regions.

Some Abbreviations:-

AIM :- Ambition in Mind.
EAT :- Energy & Teste.
DATE:- Date and time Evolution
JOKE :- Joy of kinds entertainment.
TEA :- Taste and energy admitted.
PEN :- Power Enriched in Nib.
BYE :- Be with you every time.
SMILE:- Sweet memories in Lip expression.
COLD :- Chronic obstructive lung disease

General Knowledge

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